About us

First thing's first-HI! I'm Ashley! I've been a teacher by day, small business owner by night for the past four years and recently decided to go all in on Lipstick and Littles FULL TIME! In 2017, I received a Cricut as a Christmas gift, and OF COURSE the first thing I made for myself was a teacher tee. I shared a selfie on Facebook, and I was so proud of myself....until a friend asked if she could buy one. I PANICKED. How could I sell her one? and SHIP her one, she lived 1500 miles away!? and that's when I began to think about how I wanted to do this, if I wanted to take myself more seriously, and I decided to DO THE DANG THING! I came up with Lipstick and Littles as our name, as I was a teacher, yes, but I wanted a biz that represented who I was full picture, and could grow with me as my brand does. So, Lipstick and Littles-because lipstick and little humans are my jam! Over the past four years, I've really worked to determine and define what Lipstick and Littles represents as a business, as a community, and as a service to our customers. As we move into a new phase, and a new chapter, I felt like a new website and branding to represent who we are as a brand was appropriate, because I want to convey the message of what I've strived to be for teachers, and ultimately women over the years, a shop to find empowering pieces to pair with your teacher tees, to bring a little sass back to class, andddd also a place to find inspiration, style, and support both in and out of the classroom!